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"woodcarving ain't easy!"

Woodcarving CV


All the carvings are in limewood / linden / basswood (natural or stained, usually waxed).

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Married to

Lives in
Came to London
E-mail address
 Peter Paces (Petr Pačes) PP1.jpg (34031 bytes)
 in 1945 in Pilsen (Plzeň), Bohemia, Czech Republic
 Croydon, Surrey, England
 in Sept. 1968
 UK BA degree (OU) in electronics and computing
 Retired (microprocessor and digital design engineer)


' woodcarving ain't easy '


Started woodcarving

in 1993 after a chance meeting with a Czech master

woodcarver (read the full story in the Articles)

Woodcarving in

a small garden shed (the Top Gun studio!)

Member of


Croydon Art Society, UK

BWA  British Woodcarvers Association
NWCA National WoodCarvers Association, US
AWC  Affiliated WoodCarvers Ltd, US

First woodcarving attempts (1993)

FirstAll.jpg (23656 bytes)   (all quite an effort!) 


 04-Nov-2011 (V5) 

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