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Links to other Websites of interest in no particular order
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  Leonid Zakurdayev  a superb Russian ornamental carver from Philadelphia
  Justin Gordon  wood/sand/ice sculptures from New England
  Donna Menke  a prolific carver and boxmaker from Texas
  Bill Russell  a woodcarver from Lockport, NY
 various woodcarving links ...
 a woodcarving club in Massachusetts
  National Wood Carvers Association (USA) 
the publishers of the Chip Chats magazine;
amateur and professional woodcarving links

AWC Ltd.

  Affiliated Woodcarvers Ltd. (USA) 
  the sponsors and organizers of the International Woodcarvers' Congress in Davenport, IOWA


  British Woodcarvers Association 


  Mohawk Valley Art & Woodcarving Association (USA) 
  a woodcarving club in Amsterdam, N.Y.

 Sussex Woodcraft Society (UK) 
a flourishing woodworking club in Burgess Hill
  SELWK  South East London & West Kent Branch of the BWA - British Woodcarvers Association
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